CS:GO Betting Guide – How to bet real money on CS:GO

CS:GO Betting Guide

Today we bring you our CS:GO betting guide.

You’re here because you enjoy CS:GO, and you want to learn how to bet real money on CS:GO.

Don’t worry; we got you covered.

We at esportsbettingsites are going to provide you with the best insights about betting real money on CS:GO.

In the past, people would usually bet CS:GO skins, but nowadays, real money betting on CS:GO is becoming more and more popular.

CS:GO Betting Guide – Websites To Bet On

We believe that these CS: GO betting websites are the best to bet real money:

Clicking on any of these sites will open our review of that particular website.

All of these websites offer:

  • Reliable and convenient banking methods
  • The best odds and biggest payouts
  • A safe and secure betting experience

CS:GO Betting Options

There are many CS:GO betting options, and you should have knowledge about what they are before placing any bets.

Different websites have different betting options, but we’ll mention the most common ones.

Betting options on CS:GO are:

  • Match or Series Winner
  • Score
  • Map-Related Bets
  • Other Win-Related Bets

Let’s talk about these in a more detailed way.

Match or Series Winner on CS:GO

CS:GO betting guide - Match winner odds

This option is the most common esports betting option that you can find in all esports games.

You bet on who will win, based on your assessment of the teams and the odds offered.

You can bet on the underdog to receive a larger payout, or bet more safely on the favorite team where the odds are closer to 1.0.

Match or Series Winner is the recommended betting option for newcomers to esports betting.

Score Bets on CS:GO

The second most popular betting option is betting on the score of the series. For example, if it’s a best of three series, there will be four odds offered.

The four results are:

2-0 for the A team

2-1 for the A team

2-0 for the B team

2-1 for the B team

Most websites also offer numeric score-related bets on rounds of each map.

A map has 30 rounds. The first team to 16 rounds wins the map. This is where you bet on the correct final result, for example, 16:10. It’s tough to guess the correct score, and that’s why odds on these scores pay lots of money.

There are also popular odd/even bets in CS:GO score betting. This is where you bet if the final score will be an even number or an odd number.

For example, a score of 16:14 is a total of 30 rounds, which is an even number.

A score of 16:11 is a total of 27 rounds, and it’s an odd number.

Betting on odd/even number of rounds gives you a 50% chance of winning, and that’s why the odds are lower than on guessing the correct score.

Map-Related Bets on CS:GO

Most CS:GO gambling websites offer map-related bets.

Some of the map-related bets are:

  • Betting on which team will win a specific map (this is where your CS:GO knowledge comes into play as some teams are outstanding on some maps while they struggle on others)
  • Is a decider map going to be played? (This is where you bet if a third map is going to be played in a best of three series)
  • Is the total amount of rounds going to be over or under a specific number on the first map?

Other Win-Related Bets on CS:GO

There are many other win-related bets that you can put your money on. A specific example is betting on the team that will win the pistol round in the 1st or 2nd half.

CS:GO Betting Guide Tips

  1. You win some bets, and you lose some bets

Before everything else, you have to understand that you can win every bet. Upsets happen all the time, and if you took betting advice from someone, it’s not their fault for the loss.

They probably bet on the same thing. Understand that there is always a risk involved and stay within your means.

  • Research CS:GO teams in depth

The odds reflect what the general public thinks of the teams that are competing. The most successful bettors are the ones with expert opinions on matches.

You can find some of the best CS:GO ranked teams here.

Use the experience and knowledge of the teams to find good bets for yourself. Like we mentioned earlier, some teams play some maps really well, no matter who they play against.

Some websites offer valuable information on teams and their players, find those websites, and use the information.

  • Watch CS:GO Games

Apart from trusting other websites, their statistics, and content, you should make up your mind on individual teams.

Just by watching some games, you’ll get a feeling for who the good and who the bad teams are.

  • Understand Risk vs Reward

All gambling has a degree of risk in it. Is it really worth betting much for a low payout?

The best bet is where you don’t risk too much, but still, have a potentially substantial winning.

Sometimes the odds are 70-30, but you know from experience that the underdog plays the next map really well, and the odds are more like 50-50 or 60-40 on that map. You can bet a small amount of money and still receive a high payout if they win.

Conclusion on CS:GO Betting

CS:GO is a fantastic game, and it’s attracting more and more players who choose it as a career path. CS:GO tournaments constantly have prize pools of over 1 million dollars.

That’s why we’ll keep seeing an increase in professional teams and betting options.

The CS:GO scene is growing, together with the whole esports universe.

Esports is here to stay, and we love it!

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