Multi-Billion Company and Europe’s Largest Telecommunications provider in Europe Invests in Esports

Telekom Invests in Esports

Who is the multi-billion company behind the acquisition?

Deutsche Telekom invests in Esports!

Deutsche Telekom AG is a German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn and by revenue the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. It provides information and communication technology solutions to corporate and business customers.

Currently, Deutsche Telekom has 216 000 employees in 50 countries and is serving 178 million customers in the world.

To keep up with the developing world, it’s developing from a traditional telephone company into a new kind of service company. Of course, the core business model is remaining the same. That is the sale of networks and connections.

Deutsche Telekom Invests in Esports

In June of 2018 Deutsche Telekom became a partner of SK Gaming. SK Gaming is a professional esports organization based in Germany.

After they saw the influence of SK Gaming and the reach they have, Deutsche Telekom decided to acquire a 25% stake in the company. In other words, they found it profitable!

“With Deutsche Telekom, we intend to further develop the eSports sector, and in some ways to redefine it. In the course of our cooperation in the past, we’ve managed to move forward a lot at many different levels. We’re now looking forward to taking the next steps together.”

Alexander T. Müller, CEO of SK Gaming

Therefore, the acquirement makes Deutsche Telekom the first Telekom in the world to invest in an esports team.

Apart from Deutsche Telekom, the other stakeholders are FC Köln, Mercedes-Benz, and Müller each with a 25% stake.

“Our acquisition underlines the importance and value that Deutsche Telekom places on eSports and gaming. Our networks, products, and services provide the best possible environment for the eSports and gaming community. SK Gaming is the perfect partner with whom we can cooperate to shape the market into the future.”

Hiro Kishi, Head of Sports Sponsorship at Deutsche Telekom

Brief History on SK Gaming

Founded in 1997, SK Gaming established itself as a leading esports organization and one of the world’s most recognizable brands. In the past two decades, SK Gaming has won over 60 major titles and millions in prize money. Currently, SK Gaming competes in SMITE Pro League, League of Legends European Championship, Clash Royale League and the FIFA eWorld Cup.

We at welcome the decision with joy as Deutsche Telekom invests in esports. Similarly, just recently a UK Billionaire invested in an esports website.

We can no longer look at esports as something that is the future. In other words, esports is now and everyone wants to have a piece of it!

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