Esports Investments – UK billionaire Fred Done is investing into esports

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A UK Billionaire is adding esports investments into his portfolio!

First of all, esports investments are becoming more prevalent and common. On the 7th of January, Fred Done, the founder of Betfred, announced his investment. GGIntel, the Esports news network that launched in December of 2019 in the city of Manchester, is his investment.

GGIntel presents a mix of the content of industry news, and tournament info.

Fred Done Esports Investments GGIntel

Fred Done (center) along with GGIntel head of ops Jake Bannister (left) and GGIntel MD Chris Young (right).

“Esports is only going one way, and that’s up, and I’m really excited to be involved with GGIntel. I’m looking forward to working with this small but passionate team to create a unique business in an emerging sector.”

Fred Done

Esports Investments Make Sense

We believe that Fred Done has made a fantastic decision. Besides, more and more millionaires and billionaires from the betting industry are seeing the potential of the esports betting industry.

The Gen-Z and Millennial generation are more interested in esports betting than standard betting. As a result, it’s only reasonable that we see more of these esports investments.

“I am delighted to have launched GGIntel in one of the most rapidly growing and exciting industries in the world.

The aim of GGIntel is to be the global leader in providing transparent, in-depth esports information and education through engaging content written and produced by experts in the field. We are already off to a blinding start, and we’ve only just begun.”

GGIntel MD Chris Young

The Esports Potential

Streaming websites like YouTube and Twitch are made out of 85% males and 15% females. They are all between the ages of 18 and 34. That is the most common age of betters.  Major brands realized this first. Companies like Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, T-Mobile, and Nike started spending increased amounts of money into esports sponsorships.

Consequently, sold-out stadiums are expected for all major esports tournaments in the future, and brands don’t want to miss on that kind of attention.

Certainly, we at welcome the competition. Besides, the more coverage esports gets, the faster this industry that we all love will grow.

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