Esports to be a medal event at the Olympic Games?

The International Olympic Committee has shown some interest in the increasingly popular form of competition.

Chip maker Intel has been in talks with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the potential for esports to join the Olympic Games.

Intel UK’s gaming & esports lead Scott Gillingham confirmed the company is in talks with the IOC.

“We don’t have a view on whether it should be (included) or not but we’re totally open and have been talking to the Olympics to let them understand what esports is and what potential there could be for it, but ultimately it is down to Olympic Committee on whether they decide to bring it on,” he said.

“There are discussions between Intel and the Olympic Committee… but nothing at this point is confirmed but there are conversations.”

IOC president Thomas Bach has added that it would be a “red line” for the organization that no video games deemed to include “the promotion of violence” or “any kind of demonstration” would be permitted at the Olympics.

Esports generated € 400m in revenue in 2016, has a global audience of about 325 million. It is expected to generate more than € 1bn in global revenue and almost double its audience to nearly 650 million people by 2020.

It is set to appear as a demonstration event for the first time at this year’s Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, before making its debut as a full event at the multi-sport tournament at Hangzhou, China in 2022.

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