Former NFL Running Back Jay Ajayi Joins MLS Esports Team

jay ajayi esports

How does a professional NFL player become an MLS esports player?
Long before he’d become a professional American football player, Jay Ajayi was playing football (soccer) in his hometown London. At the age of 7, his family moved to the United States of America, where he realized he had a talent for American football.

He played college football at Boise State and was later drafted by the Miami Dolphins. In 2017 he was traded over to Philadelphia Eagles with whom he won the Super Bowl the same year.

His love for football (soccer) never ended, so he kept playing video games like FIFA. At times, he even streamed his gameplayer on popular streaming websites.

Joining the Philadelphia Union MLS Esports Team

Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union realized he had potential and offered him to play in the 2020 eMLS Cup campaign.

“When I’m home, as part of my routine of decompressing and having some peace and time to myself, that includes a lot of FIFA,” he said. “It’s something that was a hobby for me, so an opportunity like this — create a hobby, have fun with it, possibly monetize it as well and invest down the road — all those things made it intriguing for me to try and join this club and take on this challenge.”

Jay Ajayi isn’t a professional NFL player anymore since he was released on Christmas Eve. He only appeared in three games in the whole 2019 season.

“Representing the Philadelphia Union for eMLS combines two of my greatest passions outside of football, soccer, and gaming. I’m a competitor, so you’re going to see me give my all for the Union at every eMLS event this year.”

jay ajayi mls esports team

We wish Jay Ajayi a successful MLS esports gaming career because we want esports to grow, and having famous people choose it as a career path can only bring good in the long run.

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