LoL Betting Guide – How to Bet Real Money on League of Legends

LoL betting guide

Are you looking for a LoL betting guide? If you are, then you are at the right place. We at esportsbettingsites understand how significant the LoL scene is and that makes for a thriving betting scene.

Of course, if you’re entirely new to the LoL esports scene, it might be intimidating to see so many teams, bookmakers, betting markets, and competitive leagues.

This LoL betting guide is perfect for the up-and-coming LoL gambling enthusiast, as well as the professional with years of experience.

Best LoL Betting Sites

Using the best LoL betting sites is as important as making correct bets. We suggest picking one LoL betting site and getting comfortable with it. Choosing a good site to bet on is your first step to LoL betting.

There are three essential things you should look for when choosing a website to bet on:

  • Reputation – Before everything else, read reviews! You don’t want to trust your money with brand new sites. Look for established platforms with years of experience. One such review is our Best Esports Betting Sites in 2020.
  • Customer Support – When it comes to betting, accidents can happen, especially if you stake an amount you didn’t want to stake or something similar. That’s where excellent customer support comes into play. Nowadays, the best LoL betting sites offer several options to resolve issues. Those options are e-mail, live chat, or even phone support.
  • Odds – Bets are all about odds. It’s in your interest to pick the site that offers the best odds. In the long run, the slimmest of margins can mean huge profits.

These are the best LoL betting sites we suggest using:

Clicking on any of these will open our review of that specific site.

Use LoL Deposit Bonuses and Promotions

All betting websites try to give lucrative bonuses to get as many users to bet on their website than somewhere else. This competition is perfect for the average gambler as there is plenty to choose from.

All of our reviews show what kind of deposit bonus each of the websites that we mentioned above is offering. Some are offering double, some even triple the deposit.

Some sites offer free bets, which means extra funds for more wagers. If you lose the bet, you lose nothing, and if you win the bet, you get to keep the winnings.

lol betting guide - deposit bonuses

It’s a dream come true for every gambler.

That’s why we urge you to check all of the best esports betting websites in 2020 and make your final decision.

How to Bet on League of Legends

If you’ve ever watched League of Legends on Twitch, then you must have seen one of the many tournaments happening at all times.

Hundreds of different tournaments happen on LoL, and that brings a lot of viewer attention.

Best LoL betting sites bring those viewers a chance to bet on those games.

These are the LoL betting options:

  • LoL tournament winner betting – This betting option is pretty straightforward. You bet on the overall winner of the tournament. A great way to bet on the favorites is to check regularly who best teams are at this LoL ranking database.
  • LoL match winner betting – Unlike winning the whole tournament, in this option, you’re betting on which one of the two teams that are competing in the match is going to win. This is the most common betting option in esports.
  • LoL correct score betting – Predicting the exact score is a variation of the match-winner bet. Not only are you predicting who will win, but you are also predicting the exact score of a series. The risk is higher, but so are the odds.
lol betting guide - live betting
LoL live betting
  • LoL maps total over/under betting – This is a popular betting option because you don’t bet on the winner. You’re only betting on the number of maps over or under a specific number. For example, when playing a best of three matches, you will get an option to bet over or under 2.5 maps. That means if a team wins the game with 2-0, then the winning option is under. Vice versa, if a team wins 2-1, then the winning option is over. If two teams are evenly matched, the more likely possibility is over, while if a stomp is expected, then the reasonable choice is under.
  • LoL live betting –  Probably the best way to enjoy LoL betting is the live betting option. Not all bookmarkers offer this option, but if they do, you can make quite a profit from it if you have good knowledge of the game. Some teams start a match slow and are good at comebacks; those are great for high odds. Another example is betting on who will be the team to get the next kill, next turret, kill a Dragon or slay Baron Nashor.

How to win LoL bets

After learning what sites to bet on and what LoL betting options you have, there is only one thing unanswered. How the hell do you become a successful LoL gambler?

Many factors influence the outcome of a bet. It’s a mix of game knowledge, in-depth insight, and statistical analysis.

It’s always a good idea to check the website Oracle’s Elixir for detailed statistics on teams and players in most competitive leagues.

Of course, numbers aren’t everything.

You need to know the current state of the situation in the LoL professional scene.

Who is currently the best in-form team?  Who is overperforming, and who is underperforming? What player is currently the best in what position?

How to win LoL bets

LoL Expert Opinion Websites

To catch up on League of Legends, an excellent thing to do is to follow the LoL Reddit page.

Additional websites to follow to find expert opinions and rankings are:

Even with all of these websites, the best thing to do is to watch live games and trust your own eyes. If you know a lot about LoL, you will be good at LoL betting.

Watching live games and betting on them might be the best way how to win LoL bets.

You’ll see which team is winning or losing.

Additionally, if you aren’t sure about a matchup, the best thing is not to bet at all.

You don’t need to bet on every single match.

Conclusion about this LoL Betting Guide

If you’re new to esports and League of Legends, this LoL betting guide might seem overwhelming. But once you get the basics and experience the game and betting, you’ll start making most out of your money.

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