Overwatch Betting Guide – How to Bet Real Money on Overwatch

Overwatch Betting Guide

Are you in the search for an Overwatch betting guide ? We at esportsbettingsites understand how huge Overwatch is, and that’s why we are creating this guide.

Overwatch is one of the biggest esports games in the world right now. Blizzard Entertainment took the best elements of a MOBA and FPS to create a fast-paced, easy to play but challenging to master esports game.

The Overwatch community is terrific, with millions playing and dedicated developers continually improving the game. That community makes fertile soil for Overwatch betting.

Best Overwatch Betting Sites

A correct bet isn’t the only important thing, but it’s also essential to bet on the best Overwatch betting sites. We suggest picking one Overwatch betting site and sticking to it. You’ll get comfortable with it, and you can earn some good bonuses if you only bet on one website.

There are some crucial things to consider when choosing a website to bet on:

  • Customer Support – Accidental bets can happen. Excellent customer support will help you out and clear those. You’ll get a full refund, and you’ll be able to bet what you wanted in the first place.
  • Odds – Everything in betting revolves around odds. It’s in your best interest to pick a website that gives the best odds.
  • Reputation – Before you register and make a deposit on a website, read a review about that website. Try to find established Overwatch betting websites. We have done a review of the best esports betting websites for you to check out.

These are the best Overwatch betting sites we suggest using:

If you click on any of those, you will open a review of that website written by us.

Use Overwatch Deposit Bonuses and Promotions

All esports betting websites that we promote and suggest have different kinds of bonuses and promotions. That is their way of making sure people who are new to betting choose them instead of the competition. And that is great for the average gambler.

All of our reviews show how much exactly you get as a bonus or a promotion on a website. Of course, some seasonal promotions might exist right at this moment, and we haven’t covered those. Some websites offer double or triple the initial deposit as a bonus.

lol betting guide - deposit bonuses

Some sites provide free bets under certain circumstances. That’s a dream come true for every gambler.

Check all of the best esports betting websites in 2020 and choose one.

How to bet on Overwatch

If you’ve never bet on Overwatch in the past or on esports in general, then you might feel confused at first. That’s why we’re here to help you out with this Overwatch betting guide. We’re going to explain the most common betting options you can find on Overwatch betting websites.

Betting Options on Overwatch:

  • Overwatch Money-line bets – These bets are on the winner of a single game.  It’s the most common and easiest bet to make on Overwatch games. You simply wager an amount of money that team A will beat team B or vice versa.
  • Overwatch Outright bets – These bets are also known as “future market bets.” On these bets, you don’t focus only on a single game. Instead, you focus on the future winner of the entire tournament. Or, maybe which team will qualify for the semi-finals.
  • Overwatch Accumulator bets – Instead of betting on one single game or match, with accumulator bets, you bet multiple bets. All of the odds are multiplied by one another, and if you guess all of them correctly, you win a lot more than if all of them would have been single bets.
  • Overwatch Special bets – These bets require you to have a lot of knowledge about Overwatch. They don’t focus simply on who will win the game. Instead, they are in-game specific. You will have to guess the number of kills in a match, or objectives secured within a game.
  • Overwatch In-play bets – These bets are also known as live bets. You place them once a match has started. They focus on individual aspects of the game, such as who will be the next team to secure an objective. What team will get ten kills first?

Overwatch betting guide – How to Win?

You now know what sites to bet on and what your betting options are. You’re only left with learning one more thing. How to become a successful Overwatch gambler and win bets?

Many things influence the outcome of an Overwatch match. A mix of in-depth insight, game knowledge, and statistical analysis will help you guess the result correctly.

Overwatching Betting - How to Win

It’s always a good idea to check the Overwatchleague website for the current standings.

Of course, upsets can happen, but in Overwatch, usually, the better-ranked team wins.

Sometimes a team can be underperforming, and keeping an eye on the Overwatch scene can help you spot those times.

A team might be a heavy favorite to win a game, but if they’ve been struggling, betting on the underdog might bring you a lot of money.

Overwatch Expert Opinion Websites

It’s good to check out and follow some websites to catch up on the latest Overwatch news and expert opinions:

Even with all of these websites, you have to watch live games and trust your own eyes. If you know a lot about Overwatch, you’ll be good at Overwatch betting.

Watching live games, and doing live betting is the best thing to do if you are an expert at the game.

Additionally, remember that you don’t have to bet on every single match. Sometimes you won’t be sure who is the favorite to win the game.

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